High Street

Photograph of the High Street looking east taken around 1920. At the top is The Plough, then Turner’s Farm and barn. At this time The Plough was an alehouse with three cottages. The two cottages to the right of The Shieling and Turner’s Farm have been...

Turner, Walter

Photograph of Mr Walter Turner owner of Turner’s Farm at the top of the High Street, next to the Plough. He was a staunch Christian and member of the Salvation Army. He disliked the Church and supported the new non-conformist Congregational Chapel on Carmel...

Turner’s Farmhouse

Early 20th century photograph of Turner’s Farm at the top of the High Street, now demolished and a private house. The building beyond the farmhouse is The Plough. Mr Turner used shire horses for many years, stabling them in a barn next to the Shieling.

Congregational Church

The Congregational Church (Chapel) in Carmel Street, (also called Chapel Street and Market Street) was built in 1846 with 250 sittings. It is built in a typical style with a pedimented frontage. A non-conformist chapel, it was well used by the Turner family who were...

Turner’s Farm – Shire Horses

A Suffolk Punch and foal belonging to Mr Turner.  His farm, situated at the top of the High Street next to The Plough, was one of the last to continue using shires, preferring them to a tractor.