Chesterford History & Archaeology Society

Exploring our two thousand year history.

Experience the Past. Understand the Present.

The Chesterfords comprise two English villages in northern Essex, bordering southern Cambridge. Situated on the River Cam, approximately ten miles south of Cambridge and four miles north of the bustling market town of Saffron Walden.

The Chesterford History & Archaeology Society is interested in the Chesterfords’ two thousand-year history and what influences have shaped the way we live today.

Our Society arranges talks, encourages research and discussion in a friendly environment.

We also have junior members to develop their archaeological skills and an awareness of their historic environment.


Photograph of the Celtic Mirror found near Great Chesterford, taken from an article by Sir Cyril Fox, published in Antiquity 135, 1960.  The mirror is likely to have come from a lady’s grave: no details of the find are available. There is in the parish a well-known cemetery dating from the beginning of the Early Iron Age.

The overall length of the mirror with its handle is 23.5 cm. (11.75 in.); the diameter of the plate is 16.3 cm. (8.15 in.).  The face of the mirror is smooth and glossy: the piece suffered some damage when excavated, probably by a plough-share. It is thus slightly bent at the top (losing, here, its smooth reflecting surface), and the handle has been wrenched.

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