A Chronicle of the Village He Loved by a man born in 1878

A Peep into the Life of Victorian Great Chesterford

Great Chesterford: A Brief History

The Beginnings of Chesterford

by Stacey George Dyer

by Mary Miller

Compiled by CLHAS







Our Villages: Their Beginnings and Now - Abstracts from Written and Oral History Records

Outline History of the Ickleton & Chesterfords Area

Mary Symonds’ Reminiscences” of her visits to her grandparents before the 2nd World War

The Chesterford & Newmarket Railway 1846-1958



The Life of a Young Farm Worker in the 1920s & The Fate of Many Chesterford Farmers

Joe Wakefield’s recollections of his early life in farming



Disaster at The Park - Little Chesterford - 30 May 1944

A collation of the information collected by Janet Clark about the explosions at the ammunitions dump at Little Chesterford Park



A Village on Fire - Little Chesterford - 7 April 1914

A perspective by Ken Kilford



Great Chesterford Burials

Transcriptions compiled by James Marshall


Memorial Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard



From the Registers 1586 – 2006



Little Chesterford in 1801 as revealed in the Inclosure Awards

Ken Kilford presents the Awards, the results of the inclosures, and extracts information about the life of the times from the documents.



A Village School Great Chesterford 1849 – 1999

by Elizabeth Marshall



Great Chesterford in 1801 as revealed in the Inclosure Awards

by Ken Kilford


IR 12

A Village Shop 1920-1945 Good Times and Bad

Janet Clark’s memories of Holman & Sons Ltd, the shop her family ran in Great Chesterford


 IR 13

Great Chesterford Park

Ken Kilford collates what is known about this short-lived and now demolished mansion



Great Chesterford Baptisms

Transcriptions compiled by Elizabeth Marshall

IR 14

From the Registers 1586 – 1812


IR 15

From the Registers 1923 – 2005


IR 16

Commerce in Great Chesterford 1900-1950

by Ian Deatker


IR 17

Memories of Great Chesterford

by Bunny Miller



Chesterfords' Heroes

by John French and Brian Linford


IR 18

Memories of Great Chesterford

By John Miller as told to Kate McManus


IR 19

Chesterfords at War

By John French, Brian Linford and Kate McManus



House Histories

Edited by John French


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