Chesterford Park Mansion

The mansion was built between 1840 and 1865 and has undergone various alterations by extension and demolition. This diagram by Mrs Olive Fordham shows the chronology of when these changes took place.

Chesterford Park

Description of the Chesterford Park estate prepared by the Estate Department in the 1990s. The amount of land given over to arable, woodlands and buildings all looked after by one manager, two assistants and a part-time Amenity Horticulturist.

Chesterford Park

“A Look at the History of Little Chesterford Park”, by Dennis Smith. This article includes a chronology of occupiers and events at the park through the ages, also extracts from the Domesday Book, maps and photographs of the interior. To read the complete...

Chesterford Park

Article written by Phillip Wright in 1980s when Chesterford Park was Schering Agriculture Research Station. Pest Control who bought the Park in 1952 sold it to Fisons Agrochemicals who then merged with Boots Farm Sales as FBC Ltd. In 1983  they were taken over by...

Chesterford Park Explosion

Copy of an article called “Chesterford Park Big Bang” written by Peter Carter, a Schering employee working at Hauxton.  The Park was bought by Pest Control in 1952 and was later called Chesterford Park Research Station. A consequence of the 1944 explosion...