Mill Farm Labour Account Book

Mill Farm Labour Account Book for 1940 containing the names of the farm workers and the type of work done to earn their wages. On 5th April 1940 they had a wage increase of 1/6 per week. One of the better paid was H Squirrel who earned £2.5.6 a week in April, rising...

Mill Farm

Mid 1900s photo of Mr Dyball of Mill Farm at work on his tractor in the field just off Walden Road. The farmhouse can be seen top left and the row of cottages and farm buildings have not yet been demolished. The farmhouse became a private property called Two...

Mill Farm

Mr Dyball used Suffolk Punch shire horses at Mill Farm but this photo shows their eventual demise in favour of tractors as was happening elsewhere on village farms.

Mill Farm Field

Mr Cecil Dyball surveying a harvested field on Mill Farm. The farmhouse can be seen top right.

Mill Farm – Cecil Dyball Diaries

Donated by Mr Dyball’s son Jeffery, these nine diaries from 1952-1980 are a description of farming methods, both arable (barley, oats, wheat, sainfoin, beet) and livestock (cattle,sheep, and chickens), weather conditions and the life of a farming family of the...