Publication advertising a fund-raising ball to be held on Saturday 22nd May 1999 for the new village hall to be built on the Recreation Ground. It was produced by Jackie Lipscombe, Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee.. It was hoped that the hall would be built in time to celebrate the Millennium. It contains a short history of previous meeting places in the village including Mr Choppen’s barn in 1891 to the Institute, the schools, the pubs and the Pioneers Hut until after a great deal of funding the old Village Hall was built on Rose Lane in 1954. The new hall was to be funded mostly from the Lottery, the sale of the Rose Lane site and a grant from the Sports and Arts Foundation. Residents were invited to “Buy a Brick” as a contribution. The Ball started with a reception and tombola followed by dinner, dancing, raffle and auction and finished with more dancing.  Contains adverts of all businesses who donated sponsorship, old photographs of the village and coloured drawings of the proposed new hall.

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