Inventory of the Area, its Character and Attractiveness, co-ordinated  by M R K Holden in 1982, for the North West Essex and East Herts Preservation Society, covering the parishes of Great and Little Chesterford, Littlebury with L.Green/Catmere End and Strethall.  In the 1980s a major concern for the area was the intention of the BAA to turn Stansted Airport into a major hub. Villages expressed their concerns by contributing to this inventory and answering questions about the historical, natural, social and cultural aspects of their villages which they felt would be endangered by any airport expansion leading to more traffic and housing developments. Here the Chesterford Association contributed to the inventory on behalf of the village.  The Association had been formed to oppose the Fairfield Development behind the High Street so was already in place to oppose the expansion of the airport.

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