Photograph of the remains of the Swaine Adeney factory on the site of Pilgrims’ Brewery on School Street taken in the 1990s. The brewery changed hands in 1913 when it was taken over by Dales Brewery from Cambridge. They were bought out in the 1950s by Flowers Breweries who were then bought out in the 1960s by Whitbread. Dunlop, the sports manufacturers bought the site but in 1969 sold it to Swaine Adeney, manufacturers of high quality leather goods. In 1991 they moved the factory to Cambridge and the site became derelict. In 1993 the site¬† was bought by Mr and Mrs Hall of The Close and incorporated into their garden with the exception of a small area on School Street which was turned into a garden with a wooden bench to provide somewhere pleasant for people to sit. This was maintained by the Parish Council. The factory buildings were demolished apart from the maltings tower in the far corner which still exists. In 2021 the site was again sold for housing and the garden area became the drive to a private house.

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