High Street – Southacre Cottage

Photograph of Southacre Cottage on the High Street, turned into a Surgery by Dr Treweek in 1936 and used from 1947-1980 by Dr Paddison.

Dr Alan Treweek

Dr Alan Treweek purchased Southacre in 1936 and turned Southacre Cottage into a surgery.  His partner, Dr Yorke-Moore had been working part-time from Mortimers on School Street. In 1947, Dr David Paddison took over the practice until 1980. Dr Treweek lived in the Old...

Dr David Paddison with Nurse Aylett

This photo shows Dr Paddison presenting Nurse Winifred Aylett, District Nurse with a watch on her retirement.  Dr Paddison took over the Southacre Cottage practice from Dr Treweek in 1947 and remained there until he retired in 1980. His practice was taken over by Dr...

Dr Padisson’s Name Plate

Dr Paddison bought Southacre on the High Street from Dr Treweek in 1947.  In 1936 Dr Treweek turned Southacre Cottage into his surgery.  Dr Paddison used it as his surgery until he retired in 1980.