Flooding – High Street

Photograph taken of the flood of 1999 when the High Street turned into a river. The flood was caused by the water from the fields overflowing the ditch, crossing the road and running down to Horse River Green, with a diversion into Manor Lane.

High Street – Surrey Cottage

Photograph of Mr Surrey standing outside his cottage next to Chesterford House on the High Street. It was demolished when the land was sold off for housing. Mr Surrey was a lime-burner working at the lime pit off Walden Road. The cottage was lived in by Arthur Halls...

High Street – Blacksmith’s Forge

This photograph from the mid 1900s shows a group of men standing outside the forge on the High Street. From the left they are B Rowlinson, T Bradford, Les Denny, B Wilson, G Lilley and P Smith the blacksmith. They appear to be fitting a new window.

High Street Cottages

Photograph taken by Bushnell in 1939 of one of the row of cottages on the junction of the High St and Walden Rd.

High Street Cottages

Photograph taken in 1939 by Mr Bushnell of the cottages on the High St at the junction with Walden Rd, later demolished and the land added to Chesterford House.