Little Chesterford Fire

Photograph of a terrace of three cottages taken before the fire in 1914 when it was completely destroyed. The first cottage belonged to the Unwin Family and the third to Charles Seaman and his family. The centre cottage was unoccupied.

Little Chesterford: Crown Inn

This photograph of the Crown Inn was taken in 1912 two years before it was completely destroyed in the Little Chesterford Fire. It was later rebuilt and is now a private house. For more information on the Fire see “A Village on Fire” available from the...

Little Chesterford Fire: Rev. John Stewart Letter

A copy of the letter written by the Rev John Stewart on the 14th April,1914 to his parishioners concerning the aftermath of the Little Chesterford Fire. In his opinion the village had no need of charitable donations from outside to help those affected by the fire and...

Little Chesterford Fire

Mrs Rebecca Law, a centenarian, was rescued from the Mangle Room and taken in a wheelbarrow to The Maltings before being taken to Saffron Walden hospital.