Church Street

Late 19th early 20th photograph of the area at the bottom of Church Street. The Elm Tree, the White House and Copperfields can be seen in the distance. At the bottom is an advertisement for stabling at the Crown and Thistle, an attempt to capture some of the trade...

Church Street – Copperfields

Mabel Law had a sweet shop in Copperfields/Wren Cottage in the early 20th century. Her husband Frank was a coal merchant and chimney sweep. In this photograph she is standing at the door of the shop with some of her customers.

Church Street – Fiddler’s Rest

Late 19th century photograph of what is now known as Fiddler’s Rest. It was built as The Lodge to the Vicarage, now known as Bishop’s House. It was used as a gatekeeper’s cottage in the 1840s by Lord Charles Hervey. At the top of the front gable the...

Church Street – Hill’s Coal Yard

Photograph of Hill’s coal yard off Church St in the early 20th century. There were two coal merchants and chimney sweeps on Church Street, the other being Frank Law who operated from Copperfields where his wife Mabel had a sweet shop.

Church Street – Elm Tree Public House

Photograph of the Elm Tree Public House taken in1939, part of the Bushnell Collection, now a private house known as the Old Elm Tree. For more information see “House Histories f the Chesterfords” available from the Society.