Princess Anne Signature

Photograph taken from one of the Visitors’ books from the Country Club of the signatures of Princess Anne and her then husband Capt. Mark Phillips, signed on March 31st, 1987 while attending the opening of the new Swayne Adeney factory on School Street.

British Legion Standard

The standard of the Great and Little Chesterford British Legion after being cleaned in January 2024 and then re-hung in All Saints Church

War Memorial – Dedication and Today

On the evening of 11th November 1918 a large congregation attended a thanksgiving service in All Saints to celebrate the signing of the armistice. The vicar The Rev. Allen gave an impressive address commenting the victory and a collection was made for a fund to...

Flint Walls

A record of flint and pebble walls on street frontages in Great Chesterford surveyed by E C Price in 1992 in a scale of 1/2500 feet. Walls in back gardens have not been included.