Princess Anne Signature

Photograph taken from one of the Visitors’ books from the Country Club of the signatures of Princess Anne and her then husband Capt. Mark Phillips, signed on March 31st, 1987 while attending the opening of the new Swayne Adeney factory on School Street.

Flint Walls

A record of flint and pebble walls on street frontages in Great Chesterford surveyed by E C Price in 1992 in a scale of 1/2500 feet. Walls in back gardens have not been included.

Feoffment or Transfer of Land 1831

This original document dated 8th October 1831 records a feoffment or transfer of land owned by John Kent and William Seaman of Little Chesterford to be conveyed. It seems to involve the setting up of a charity by Lady Hundden? for the poor of Little Chesterford. She...

Archaeology Group History

Great Chesterford Archaeology Group: a brief history, Parts One and Two by E C Price,1999. Part One covers the period 1977-1993 from the formation of the group by like-minded members led by Anthony E Collins, describing the many digs and excavations they performed in...

National Monuments Record

English Heritage National Monuments Record for the Chesterfords providing information on historic sites in this area, including a report on 38 listed buildings in Great Chesterford.