Souvenir Beaker

Bone china beaker with a transfer print of All Saints Church and the words Great Chesterford Church, a present  from Chesterford.  One of the Chesterford souvenir range.

St John Ambulance Association Certificate

Framed certificate acknowledging that Harry Swinfen had attended a St John Ambulance Association course and was qualified to render fist aid to the injured, dated November 1902. The Swinfens lived in Carmel Street.

Mary Allen Photo Album

Photo album presented to Mary E Allen by the members of her Girls’ Bible Class on August 22nd 1920. Mrs Allen was the wife of the Rev Andrew Allen, Vicar of Great Chesterford from 1917-1920. It includes photographs of a garden party held for the girl’s...

Country Club Guest Book

Country Club membership was decided by application followed by an interview with Mr Tothill. Not everyone who applied was accepted. Any non-member had to sign the Guest Book and be introduced by a member. On this page Mr Holman, of the village shop, a member has...

Col. Wentworth Stanley Photograph

A framed photograph of Alan Sidney Wentworth Stanley taken in c.1885. Colonel Stanley lived in Chesterford House at the top of the High Street with his Australian wife Lilian. The brown wooden frame measures 48cm x 62cm, and the photograph 28cm x 23cm. For more...