Souvenir Beaker

Bone china beaker with a transfer print of All Saints Church and the words Great Chesterford Church, a present  from Chesterford.  One of the Chesterford souvenir range.

Souvenir Plate

A souvenir  plate with picture of All Saints Church from the early 20th century when the railway brought tourists to the village. Possibly sold through Mortimer’s shop.

Souvenir Teapot

China teapot with picture of All Saints Church on one side an a floral design on the other. Another item from the tourism collection.

Souvenir jug

A souvenir pink pottery milk jug with a black and white transfer print of Mill House and garden on the front. With the arrival of the Eastern Counties Railway Line in 1845, Chesterford became a popular place to visit by train and souvenir pottery became popular. Other...