Flooding – High Street

Photograph taken of the flood of 1999 when the High Street turned into a river. The flood was caused by the water from the fields overflowing the ditch, crossing the road and running down to Horse River Green, with a diversion into Manor Lane.

Flooding – Horse River Green

A photograph of flooding at Horse River Green taken in 1999. The flooding did not come from the river but the top of the High Street where the water from the fields overflowed the ditch and turned the High Street into a river flooding Manor Lane and Horse River...

Newmarket Road -Pioneers Hut

Photograph of the 1950 flood at the Recreation Ground on Newmarket Road. The Pioneers Hut, a social club with a billiards table, can be seen on the right with Elm Cottage beyond. The Secretary of the Pioneers Club in 1929 was H Houghton. Elm Cottage was once the Eagle...

Carmen Street

Mrs Cadwallader’ house at the bottom of Carmen Street demolished by a flood in 1968.

Carmen Street

Carmen Street after the flood in 1968 which demolished¬† Mrs Cadwallader’ cottage. The Recreation Ground has flooded on several occasions.