South Street – Post Office

Photograph of Grandpa Denny on his donkey cart outside the Post Office on South Street. Arthur Denny was the village postmaster from the early 20th century till 1940.

South Street

Photograph of a row of Cottages on South Street from the early 1920s. The house on the left was the post office from1900-1940 and was run by Isaac Denny. It is now a private house called The Old Post Office.  The next two cottages are private houses, The Cottage and...

High Street – Blacksmith’s Forge

This photograph from the mid 1900s shows a group of men standing outside the forge on the High Street. From the left they are B Rowlinson, T Bradford, Les Denny, B Wilson, G Lilley and P Smith the blacksmith. They appear to be fitting a new window.

Village Shop – Denny’s

This photograph shows Len Denny and his daughter standing outside the shop at the bottom of the High St in 1938. Len took ownership from Mrs Eliza Bard who was there in 1911. He sold sweets, groceries, tobacco, comics, and newspapers. Len also set aside an area for...