Congregational Church Outing

Photograph of a Congregational Church Sunday School outing to Clacton in a charabang in 1926, possibly the first time any of them had been in a bus.

Congregational Church Assembly

Late 19th, early 20th century group photograph of the Congregational Church congregation, standing outside in Carmel Street.

Congregational Church Officials

Taken in the 1970s, a group photo of the officials of the Congregational Church (Chapel) outside the entrance. From left to right, Mr E Bareham, Treasurer, Mr H Andrews, Secretary, Mr R Ward, Student Pastor, Mr R Sharpe, Senior Deacon, Rev Bertram Lee Woolf, D.Ph.,...

Congregational Church

The Congregational Church (Chapel) in Carmel Street, (also called Chapel Street and Market Street) was built in 1846 with 250 sittings. It is built in a typical style with a pedimented frontage. A non-conformist chapel, it was well used by the Turner family who were...

Carmel Street

This photograph shows a view of Carmel St looking south in the early 1900s. Beyond the Chapel are the cottages which were later demolished to make way for a private house and the Chapel garden.